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Regina Mills in ‘The Jolly Roger’

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tagged: #swan queen #317 #au
John Legend’s “All of Me” gives me Swan Queen feels.
Why I ship Swan Queen: a summary
  • otp: how to get this savior to taste my forbidden fruit?
  • otp: you have no idea what I'm capable of
  • otp: sheriff swan
  • otp: madam mayor
  • otp: you’ll punish me?
  • otp: she's not dying
  • otp: it's complicated
  • otp: I invited her
  • otp: thank you for inviting me
  • otp: emma I'm sorry
  • otp: I know her
  • otp: I believe her
  • otp: you may not be strong enough but maybe we are
  • otp: we did it
  • otp: yes we did
  • otp: hey
  • otp: where’s regina?
  • otp: our magic
  • otp: our son
  • otp: she's important isn't she?
  • otp: my gift to you is good memories
  • otp: you would do that?
  • otp: I knew you were telling the truth
  • otp: I always know when you're lying
  • otp: trust me
  • otp: I'll call regina
  • otp: just be careful
  • otp: it's inside you emma
  • otp: look at all this potential inside of you

Guided by a beating heart,

I can’t tell where the journey will end,

but I know where to start….

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Yes, we’ve been friends for years. We actually used to get confused as each other when we both had dark hair and the first thing she said to me when we met was; I’m so sorry, I’ve been doing interviews as you ‘cause I just got sick of explaining that I’m not you.

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a gif of lana parrilla blinking (/◕ヮ◕)/  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

a gif of lana parrilla blinking (/◕ヮ◕)/  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

tagged: #rmeq #317

color picspam↳emma swan + white


color picspam
↳emma swan + white

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